Summer is here! While we all enjoy the longer days and warmth of the sun, often comes the challenge of keeping a comfortable temperature in your home through the heat waves. Sure, cranking the air conditioner is an option, but how about we cut down on our already high hydro rates and try to keep it cool with a few other helpful tips.

Keeping It Cool Inside Your Home


During those hot days, it can be difficult to keep the temperature down. Have you heard of the greenhouse effect? It causes unwanted heat to accumulate in your home. If it gets in – it stays in. Try pulling the shades, drawing the drapes or closing the blinds. Taking this simple step can reduce the heat by an astounding 30%! At night, since it usually cools down, open those windows. If you can, add a fan to circulate the air. The fresher cool air will displace stale hot air.


Cooking in the summer is a no-brainer. It’s the perfect time to take your culinary expertise outside to the barbeque or mix up a nice fresh salad. With the warmer temperatures lighter fare is most preferred, so take the time and enjoy your outdoor grill! Rule of thumb should be, if you don’t need to use the appliance, don’t. If you have to, try to do it at night. Appliances give off a lot of heat, so waiting for the cooler temperatures in the evening helps to keep your home a little cooler, and will also help you save on your energy consumption costs.

Outside Your Home


If you have any landscaping plans this summer/fall consider asking your local expert where and how to position your flora to improve the efficiency of your home. The trees and greens outside have a bigger role to play than just being pretty!

Trees planted in the right location can make a huge difference in the temperature of your home in keeping it cool acting as a barrier and providing the necessary shade to work for you.

Additional Coverage

Another small, but significant change you can make to help keep it cool inside your home during the summer months, is installing awnings or shutters, especially on south-facing windows can also provide significant relief providing a shield from the sun’s strong rays. The paint colour of the house side of your home can also make a difference. Consider painting the siding a lighter colour as it will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it. These two changes would also add to the curb appeal of your home!